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An Introduction; Hello I am Wildniagara

January 16, 2015

I was born in 1968, Paul McCartney is still my favourite singer and I’ve been sprayed with DDT’s while playing beneath the large elm trees in West St Catharines. I hunt, fish and love photographing all things wild. I remember the foam on the Root Beer River, beaches full of dead alewives and the spewing of pollution from the industrial sector before the worldwide environmental awakening. My biggest fear? It’s that this awakening was only the beginning of a cycle that we will see the end of in my lifetime.


People latched onto the environmental movement like a hockey team on a winning streak. Like anything popular there are those who only see dollars signs and were quick to paint their products green. Manufacturers put their product in containers using less paper and then deemed it environmentally friendly. The same soap was going into our lakes in the same amounts but because it was “concentrated” and used less packaging it was labelled green(er) and we bought it.
In most cases we didn’t start making products greener at all, we just moved the manufacturing sector offshore where we could no longer see or smell it. We think we have made headway in the way our consumerism impacts the earth but really all we’ve done is shift impact from one place to another. We really haven’t “reduced” our consumption or our impact.
Ex: Most people think electric cars are the answer and if you’re not pushing the accelerator the car is not producing emissions. The answer in fact is the opposite. When an electric car is idle it is plugged in. That plug leads to transmission lines which are losing energy as it is fed by power plants that burn coal, gas, nuclear fuel or impeding fish migration. Have you given thought to the danger a firefighter faces while fighting a fire involving an electric car or what the batteries are made of and where do they go when millions of them come to the end of their lifespan?
Enter the militant environmentalist loyal to whatever David Suzuki said or what the scientific report said. I still haven’t seen the entire “Inconvenient Truth” because Al Gore puts me to sleep every time I try to watch it. We know manufacturers can stretch the truth as can scientists with bias agendas perhaps hired by a corporation or a special interest group trying to stop development.
The constant constraints on development and manufacturing are creating job losses that affect all people including those riding the green band wagon. The power given to those in charge of protecting the environment is excessive and the unwillingness to negotiate by these agencies has many frustrated. Green belt legislation, the Clean Waters Act and the Species at Risk Act are stealing land and property rights from the farmers that keep us fed.
If we don’t stop opposing all progress and welcome it here at home where we can watch it and make sure they follow our strict environmental laws, we won’t have to be NIMBY anymore because there will be no more jobs in our back yards. If we don’t reduce our usage and realize we can’t consume without impact we’ll exhaust our resources long before the next ice age wipes us out anyway. If we don’t stop using that toad as a shield against development some ones going to get sick of the environmental movement and make those toads mysteriously disappear.
There is an environmental backlash coming you can be sure of that. When endangered species are used as shields against even the most responsible development, everything you buy is now green including fuels, detergents and SUV’s, and environmentalists are getting sick of the environmental hysteria, you know this movement is nearing the end of its lifespan. As I see it there never was an awakening in the first place. It was all just a passing fad that traveled from lip to lip with buzzwords and very little action by the self professed environmentalist. The disconnect between nature and the masses has widened but we’re all greener thinkers than ever. Perhaps if we start living greener instead of thinking green we might just make greener progress which everyone will benefit from making a clean environment something we cherish forever.